21st June, 2017

Our first kisses are meant to be the most fascinating memory of ours, isn’t it?
Writing this makes me feel the same as I felt then, happy. We were somewhere and met all of the sudden, you called me, I came, followed you, we smiled and then?
Boom. Our lips met. The afternoon winds of June the 21st were so just  PERFECT.
I knew you were with me and the way you showed because you were with me, where ever I go. After all, you gave me this feeling, THIS EVERGLOW. I could have given all of myself to feel this everglow every day.
But, when I followed you, measuring each step taking me closer to you, I heard your voice saying, “yesterday, on the 20th, I went to watch a movie with my girl, thrice.” I thought I overheard at first, but I didn’t.
I was in love.
And, still, his Instagram has a post, an overflow,  but it was posted on June 20.

Bansi Unadkat.

What if we’re rain?

We’re heavy,
We pour our love and fear,
In the form of rain,
We thrashed ourself,
The lightning strikes in vain,
Our lone and despair,
We put out everything within us,
And about lightning?
It’s our beautiful creation,
So beautiful,
Yet the mortal is scared,
We’re formed,
By the heat,
And our weight?
Did the mortal feel?
All the experience,
Are love and fear,
Kept within,
We’re clouds,
We’re immortals,
But as we pour,
We lack our heat,
And as we go, pouring,
We finish our creed,
And the summer,
Lift us again,
And we heat,
And again we continue,
To create again,
My love,
We’re clouds,
We’re immortals…

What if we’re not?
What if we’re rain?
The pain and despair?

Bansi Unadkat.
With love and fear.


Ice and water,
The fierce stage,
Fire which extinguished
It’s the uncontrollable rage
Deep within and never too high,
It’s just like,
Meteor in the sky,
We crash, we meet,
It’s all just the greed,
We bound, we match,
And it’s just a crash,
We destroy, we create,
Break together,
It was just so rash,
Boundlessly bounded,
Even in ash.

Bansi Unadkat.


The starry night,
With the full moon above,
I remember that time,
When we first had a talk,
The deserted streets,
The dim street lights,
And each other’s smiles,
On either side,
We talked and talked and talked and talked,
Till it was a sunrise,
We stop and stop,
As you left,
Just as the roads filled,
When I heard honks and the screech,
I miss the yesternight,
And the moonlight above,
Now, no talks and just the lone,
Just like no one at the midnight roams,
The streets and the dim,
I miss them, truly from within,
The night, It slipped,
Now there is no you,
But me and these desolate streets.

Bansi Unadkat.